Reconstruction will consist of construction and construction-craft works in the total amount of 69,495,606.00 denars.

Spektartermo doo Skopje is the main contractor for the reconstruction of the sports hall “Partizan”, in agreement with the Agency for Youth and Sports, in accordance with the decision for selection of the most favorable bid from 16.11.2021 (public procurement decision, no. 14803/2021).

Sports hall Partizan Skopje reconstruction

PHASE I – in the first phase, the planned work activities require complete dismantling of all installed materials and equipment, their removal and transport to the landfill, which will bring the facility to the state of a carbine.

PHASE II – in the second phase of the reconstruction, includes installation of new electrical installation, water supply and sewerage and construction materials as well as rehabilitation of the existing reinforced concrete structure, replacement of existing roof windows and roofing over the planned parts according to the project.

Building permit issued by the Municipality of Karpos is UP1 No. 47-557, dated 13.10.2021.
Supervision of the facility is Euro-consulting doo Skopje.

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