Spektartermo has entered the residential building market in 2005. We started with a simple two apartment-per floor type of building, with a classic square architecture in municipality of Karpos – Vlae.

As customer demand grew, our company was investing more focus and resources into producing more energy efficient homes.


2017 – Energy Efficient Homes

Str. Dragutin A. Gute, No6, Vlae, Municipality of Karpos


This building is one of the first buildings in Skopje that uses geo-thermal water pump system, which is utilized from the well. Its highly energy efficient and it’s function is to supply the residents for hot water and acts as a heating-cooling system.

The building is located in a quiet and pleasant neighborhood, for residential living. The building is constructed from basement level to ground floor plus two more floors and a loft. The parking area is solely constructed in the basement level, together with the storage rooms.

In total, ten apartments have been built and divided among floors, with two business spaces in the ground floor. In accordance with the customers needs, the squaring of the apartments were ranging from 53 m2 to 150m2.T


2016 – Modern type building

Str. Hristo Smirnenski, No 44, Municipality of Centar – Skopje


The building is located on a flat ground with west to east orientation. The inside of the building is consisted of ground floor, with additional 5 floors and a loft – with total of 18 apartments, layed out on six floors.

The building offers living in a quiet neighborhood, within the urban zone of the capitol.

The building has one entrance and a garage which has 19 parking areas, basement facilities. The building has stairs and an elevator.


You can look at some of the other types of building that we built in the gallery below: